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 +====== How To ======
 +===== Add Charts =====
 +It's easy to add a new chart source. ​
 +  * If it's an single download of an existing country, just add a new list item below the related country. Enter the name of the region and the URL. Save it.
 +If you like to add a new country or multiple files (cells, updates, etc.), then use a new page. 
 +  * Add a list item below the headline of the related continent. Add a link for the new page within the related namespace (enc: or rnc:) and the name of the country. Save it and click the link. Copy the content of the [[:​template|Template]] to the created page and fill in the placeholders. Save it.
 +If you're in total hurry. ​
 +  * Open the [[wiki:​notepad|notepad]] and just drop the URL for later revision.
 +=== Sample ===
 +Let's assume you found a chart source of Atlantis in ENC format. =)
 +Open the [[:​enc|Vector Charts (ENC)]] directory. Select [[:​enc#​europe|Europe]] and click //Edit//. At the end of the list add two list items with one internal link (shown below or use the buttons above). Save it and click on the created link.
 +    * ...
 +    * Greece
 +      * [[enc:​atlantis | Atlantis]]
 +On the empty page click on "//​Create this page//"​ in the Toolbar. Copy the content of the pre-formated [[:​template|template]] into the new page. And fill in the placeholders,​ like here:
 +====== Atlantis ======
 +  * Greece (Ελλάδα)
 +  * Ionian Sea (Ιόνιο Πέλαγος)
 +===== Charts =====
 +Sets / Patches:
 +  * North Atlantis ​ https://​​map/​
 +  * South Atlantis ​ https://​​map/​
 +  * Central Atlantis ​ https://​​map/​
 +  ​
 +==== Provider ====
 +Homepage: \\ 
 +https://​ \\ 
 +Delete unneeded placeholders. Hit save... **Done**. ​
 +It's quite easy. The complete Wiki syntax can be found here: [[wiki:​syntax|Formatting Syntax]].
 +===== Update Charts =====
 +When updating chart sources put the former URLs at the end of the page. 
 +If the files are still available list them under "//​Alt. Sources//"​. When they point to older versions list them under "//​Versions//"​. If the files are gone mark them as deleted. ​
 +===== Structure =====
 +This wiki has a very basic structure. It should be self-explaining.  ​
 +In details: There'​s a list for [[:​enc|vector charts]] and for [[:​rnc|raster charts]]. Single file sources for a complete region or a country are direct links. A page groups sources with multiple files like cells, updates, etc. and collects different or alternative sources. At last: The pages are grouped with a "​namespace"​ (a prefix). The namespace for vector charts is "​enc:"​ and for raster charts it's "​rnc:"​. ​
 +So the path for a raster charts collection of hawaii would be "​rnc:​hawaii"​. That's all.
 +It's simple when you see it. 
 +===== Legal =====
 +Important: Just add open accessible, free of charge and most important __legally__ sources. ​
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