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 +====== Terms of use ======
 +This is a open wiki project to collect and document sources of free and open available Digital Marine Navigation Charts. ​
 +  * Just add open accessible, free of charge and legal sources. ​
 +  * Entries with illegal sources will be immediately removed. ​
 +  * Placing advertising is specifically prohibited. ​
 +This is a **non-commercial** project. The content is released under **Public Domain**. ​
 +===== Disclaimer =====
 +This page is provided "**as it is**". No warranty for availability,​ completeness or correctness. No warranty for eventual harm or damage by using the linked charts. There exists no kind of liability or warranty in every possible or existing case. You use it at your **own risk**!
 +Linked charts are intellectual property of their respective owners. Brands and Trademarks are sole property of their respective owners. ​
 +The place of jurisdiction is Offenbach/​Main,​ Germany.
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